Chess is awesome

This book is a guide for beginners who are wanting to start their journey into the awesome world of chess or even improve on their novice understanding of the game.

It is a detailed walk-through including piece information and game play rules, tactical approaches, important openings and ending as well as challenges at the end of each chapter to keep assessing your progress and overall understanding of the game.


This book covers the following:

• Setting up the board

• Introducing the pieces

• Chess notation

• The fundamentals of chess

- the center game opening

- the Spanish game

- the Danish Gambit

- the Queen’s Gambit, accepted and declined

- what is castling? Why is it helpful?

- the "en passant" capture

- what is stalemate?

- the embarrassing fool’s mate

• The various patterns of checkmate

• Chess endgame strategies

• Chess variants

• Chess test

• As well as test yourself practice pages after each chapter.

This is an original Bonkerbots product for your reading pleasure ONLY! It MAY NOT be altered or resold.

We hope it helps and would love to know what you think!


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