Homophone Match Up

Our Homophone undies are a fun and original way for students to practice matching the pairs. These could be used in various ways during stations or individual practice.

Simply print, cut and laminate.


We have included 40 of the most common homophones.

maid - made

night - knight

eight - ate

some - sum

I - eye

blue - blew

stare - stair

sea - see

meet - meat

weak - week

flower - flour

there - their

bye - by

hour - our

heard - herd

right - write

tee - tea

knew - new

one - won

sail - sale

ad - add

son - sun

aloud - allowed

flu - flew

way - weigh

cent - scent

in - inn

tale - tail

knot - not

tow - tow

seem - seam

wail - whale

know - no

for - four

plain - plane

main - mane

waste - waist

which - witch

whole - hole

too - two

We do hope your students have a wonderful time with these. Please note that all work created by Bonkerbots is original and MAY NOT be altered or resold.

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