Irregular verb match up

What a fun and exciting way to practice irregular verbs.



These Sushi puzzles are perfect for students to practice their irregular verbs. They can also be used in ESL lessons. They are a great addition to stations as well as early finishers.

We have included 40 of the most common irregular verbs:

catch: caught

bite: bit

fly: flew

buy: bought

eat: ate

grow: grew

break: broke

become: became

drink: drank

hide: hid

think: thought

blow: blew

give: gave

teach: taught

know: knew

understand: understood

write: wrote

wear: wore

hear: heard

sleep: slept

win: won

run: ran

fall: fell

take: took

get: got

make: made

have: had

go: went

sit: sat

find: found

say: said

drive: drove

keep: kept

sell: sold

forget: forgot

build: built

awake: awoke

choose: chose

fight: fought

leave: left

All you have to do is print, laminate and cut.

* Please note that we made these on the A4 size for printing.

Happy teaching!


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