Medication Opposite Puzzles

These Opposite puzzles have students matching the medication bottles to the pills. They can be used during stations or as individual practice. We have included 44 of the most common opposites.


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Opposites included:

big: small

up: down

black: white

above: below

in: out

over: under

man: woman

happy: sad

old: young

clean: dirty

noisy: quiet

win: lose

fat: thin

new: old

day: night

right: left

melt: freeze

rich: poor

easy: hard

ugly: pretty

wrong: right

come: go

high: low

push: pull

healthy: sick

pass: fail

yes: no

many: few

give: take

dark: light

dead: alive

him: her

tall: short

different: same


hot: cold

Simply print, laminate, cut and let the fun begin.

(Print puzzles on A4 setting)

Please note that all work created by Bonkerbots is original and may not be altered or resold.


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