Simile puzzles

These Salt and Pepper Similes are a great way for students to practice this grammar body. Similes are very important and help students make comparisons in a fun way. We have included 28 of the most common similes. These could be used in various ways such as in stations / partner match up / early finishers or as a running dictation.


All you have to do is print, laminate, cut and let the matching begin.

Similes included:

As quiet as a mouse

As big as an elephant

As busy as a bee

As cold as ice

As blind as a bat

As cool as a cucumber

As good as gold

As playful as a kitten

As sick as a dog

As slippery as an eel

As strong as an ox

As tall as a giraffe

As sweet as pie

As thin as a rake

As white as snow

As wise as an owl

Run like the wind

As slow as a snail

Sleep like a baby

As sweet as honey

As flat as a pancake

As large as life

As brave as lion

As quick as lightning

As black as coal

As green as grass

As ugly as a toad

As hard as a rock

We would love to see our work in action so feel free to tag us. 🙂


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