The English Language is Awesome

This Ebook is an illustrated journey through the English Language. It focuses on the Language development through the ages, some of English’s important written work and explores the reasons behind some of English’s weird grammar.

This is a great addition to any school or classroom library and filled with fun facts, awesome pictures and valuable information.


The topics covered in this publication include:

Chapter 1

So how important is language?
Where did English come from?
Did God change English?
So where did our Alphabet come from?
What on Earth is Beowulf?
Wait! What is, are, was Middle English?
What was the Great Vowel Shift?
What was that dude Shakespeare on about?
Why does English need so many words?
So like what are some strange English words?
Who put all the words together?
Ok, then what happened?

Chapter 2

Old books are pretty boring right?
Pride and Prejudice
Moby Dick
Alice’s adventures in Wonderland
Lord of the Rings
Waiting for Godot

Chapter 3

Why is English strange?
Pangrams and Palindromes
Antagonisms and Contronyms
Homonyms, homographs, homophones
The Quadruple Negative
The great letter mix-up
Why do letters not equal pronunciation?
Word art
Weirdness wrap-up

Chapter 4

Changing technology changing English
English in space
English in medicine
English in Science
English as a second language
English and the internet
Emojis? Important?
The English of today


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