Halloween freebie

Halloween freebie



I can’t believe it’s already October. This has certainly been an intense year for everyone but on a positive note, things are improving. We’re back at School, which is awesome! It’s been 7 months since our kids were at School (we went online in March) so it has been an exciting and VERY busy first week back.

Normally we would celebrate Halloween with lots of games and activities but things will be rather different this time round. One thing I am really looking forward to are all the fun crafts. I thoroughly enjoy making crafts with the little ones and I know they LOVE them too. 🙂





We created this little lady a few years back but she is still one of my favorite Halloween crafts. The kids really LOVE the 3D nose and it’s very interactive with coloring, cutting, folding the hair and then pasting it all together.

Step 1

I’d highly recommend printing this craft of board (card stock), it’s more durable and makes for a great classroom display. Students just need to color in (using crayons or coloring pencils).



Step 2

Students will need to cut, using the guideline.





Step 3

Grab some colored paper strips and fold them to create a ‘curly’ look. Choose any color you like.





Step 4

Glue the hair on each side. Slice cutting line to add nose. Slide nose through hole and glue onto the back of head.




Step 5

Glue the hat on.


Step 6

Show everyone your rad craft. 🙂














Click the FREEBIE to collect your very own copy. We’d love to see how yours turned out, feel free to tag us on Facebook / Instagram.

Happy Halloween!





Christmas Bean Mosaic Crafts

Christmas Bean Mosaic Crafts


We cannot believe it’s that time of year again! Christmas is around the corner and we have certainly had fun getting into the Christmas spirit. I love doing arts and crafts with the kiddies and so I’ll use any excuse to make something with them. I also LOVE doing Bean Mosaics and so VOILA, Christmas Snowman and Reindeer were born. Obviously, being in the tropics means our Christmas is a warm, snow free Christmas but our students understand all parts Christmasy.

Our School celebrates Christmas with a big party where each Grade performs their own song or dance. The School becomes filled with lots of little Santa’s and an ocean of red everywhere. I hung up their creations outside their classes in the corridor and they look mighty fab!

You could use a variety of resources in creating these. I just used what we had available here in store. Red beans are mad pricey this side so I opted for more budget friendly goodies.

What you’ll need: (This is what I used in creating ours)



  • Sago (for the snow)
  • Corn (for the nose) orange lentils would totally work
  • Mung beans (mistletoe on hat)
  • Black sesame seeds (hat, eyes and mouth)
  • Soy beans (lining on hat) However, lentils would also be great here. Just to break up the black on the hat.
  • White glue (PVA glue)



  • Black sesame seeds (eyes and mouth)
  • Watermelon seeds (nose and ears)
  • Corn / Soy beans (top part of face)
  • Brown rice (bottom part of face)
  • Mung beans (ears)


These projects are versatile for different age groups. My First Graders made the Snowmen and my Second Graders made the Reindeers. Each Grade had an absolute blast creating them. They were all extremely focused had no problem creating them independently. They were printed on board / card as the ‘beans’ do start to weigh a bit. The board / card supports them rather well.


Step by step


  1. My First Graders followed step by step whereas my Second Graders were given a demo and worked independently. The PVA glue was in small bottle, which was perfect for them as they were able to practice their fine motor skills by squeezing the bottle.



2. Students took great pride in carefully placing their ‘beans’. I thought the class would be way messier afterwards but it wasn’t. When placing glue, you don’t need a crazy amount. Students squeezed the bottle and moved it around to spread it evenly. This worked perfectly and held ‘beans’ in place.



3. Once students added their ‘beans’, they placed the excess back in the container.




We were very pleased with our creations and I highly recommend doing this for Christmas. Not only are they getting a chance to be creative but it’s great for exploring different textures.

We hope you have a wonderful time creating your own!

Merry Christmas!

From us here at Bonkerbots



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