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Wow! This is rather exciting. Bonerbots very first blog post. Where shall I start?

I think the very beginning would be best. Bonkerbots is made up of my oh so handsome fiance, Keith and then, me. We are South Africans expats living in Cambodia. CAMBODIA you say, how did you land up there? Excellent question. Keith and I met many moons ago at our previous jobs, working as hairstylists. We saved up some moola and went backpacking in Thailand for 2 months. We immediately fell in love with it and felt we had to come back and live there. I think everyone who has been to the islands feels the same way. So we saved up, quit our jobs and headed to Bangkok to begin our TEFL course.

We completed our TEFL course through Chichester Collage .Once the month was up, we started teaching at a school in Bangkok. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to teach Kindergarten, whereas Keith taught Primary school. We landed up working for a year and started to get tired of the massive city and felt we needed a change. And that’s how Cambodia happened. Our boss at the time happened to run a school in Siem Reap and that’s where we have been living for the last 3 years.

Siem Reap is a fantastic ‘little’ town. One of the main things that I absolutely love about this place, is being able to ride on my bicycle around town and that it takes 5 mins to get anywhere. Now you know who we are and how we landed up here, but how exactly did Bonkerbots form? Well, it all started with the frustration of not being able to find exactly what we wanted online, in terms of resources. Or, if we did, it was often at times, rather expensive. Keith then began drawing different resources for me. It started with a split pin craft and then we began to make flash cards and mini books. Once we discovered teacherspayteachers, we felt we could bring something fresh to the table and we have loved every minute since.

Traditional Khmer Clothing

So welcome to our blog. We look forward to sharing our classroom ideas with you all.

Laura @ Bonkerbots 🙂

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